101 possibilities for your event

«Around 250 guests were spoiled with a fine dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. The organization was always impeccable by Catering Services and Eventlocation Eins0ins. Flexibility and helpfulness are important. We'll be back soon.» (Liza Stark, Event: Sports price of the city of Zurich)

Are you looking for a location for your conference / seminar, a workshop, a product launch, a slightly different General Assembly or for your client or employee occasion?

Or should it be an unconventional wedding with a BBQ on the rooftops of Zurich West, a birthday, an exhibition or a reading or would you like to hold a concert or organize a public party with admission?

The event location eins0eins offers all this and much more.


Your event can be as individual as you are. Our packages are examples, we will gladly tailor a proposition to your exact wishes – either with our Migros Catering or with a catering service of your choice.


Delicious meat, tasty fish, vegetarian or vegan, lactose intolerant or gluten free? It's hard to make everyone happy. The easiest way to accommodate all the needs of your guests is to have a buffet where all their dishes can be arranged as they wish. Take a look at our Buffett examples. We are happy to adapt these according to your needs and the season.


Gala Dinner

Can it be a gala dinner as the culmination of your event?
No matter if you want a 3 - or 5 - course menu with musical or artistic accompaniment, we will gladly advise you and support you in the organization.
Just tell us your wishes!

Here are some examples of a possible supporting program:
Musicians, DJ's, Comedians, Wizard, show bartender, fire show, Burlesque, rock 'n' roll, hip hop or classical dancers, rent a casino

Enjoy an unforgettable evening and celebrate unconcerned with your guests!



Would you like to hold a panel discussion or a workshop with breakout rooms? You can have lunch in the Topolino restaurant or we can organize a catering. Here you can choose the classic buffet option or a lunch in the Flying Service. We look forward to organizing a successful event with you!


The rooms: overview

Overview given here...

Event room

Size:  371 m²

Location: EG

Windows, Parkett, Stereo system, Beamer, Curtain, Small mirror, Bar fully equipped

Room 2

Size: 100 m²

Location: Ground floor left

Window, Parkett, Stereo system, Curtain, Mirror

Room 3

Size: 101 m²

Location: Basement left

Windows, PVC, Sound system, Beamer, Curtain, Mirror, Ballett pole

Room 4

Size: 104 m²

Location: Basement left side

Windows, Parkett, Sound system, Beamer, Mirror

Room 5

Size: 126 m²

Location: Basement left side

PVC, Sound system, Curtain, Mirror with curtain, Barre

Room 6

Size: 104 m²

Location: Basement right side

Parkett, Sound system, Curtain, Mirror

Saal 7

Size: 124 m²

Location: Basement right side

Attributes: PVC, Sound system, Curtain, Mirror, Barre

Saal 8

Size: 107 m²

Location: Basement right side

Attributes: PVC, Sound system, Mirror, Barre

Room 9

Size: 190 m²

Location: Ground floor back

Attributes: Parkett, Sound system, Mirror with curtain

coming soon Nov. 2019

Room 10

Size: 125 m²

Location: Ground floor

Attributes: Parkett, Stereo system, Mirror with curtains

coming soon Nov. 2019

Room 11

Size: 125 m²

Location: Ground floor

Attributes: Parkett, Stereo system, Mirror with curtains

coming soon Nov. 2019

Room 12

Size: 155 m²

Location: Ground floor

Attributes: Parkett, Stereo system, Mirror with curtains

coming soon Nov. 2019

Foyer 1

Size: 98 m²

Location: 1st floor

Attributes: Beton

Foyer 2

Size: 131 m²

Location: 2. OG

Attributes: Beton


Size: 188 m²

Attributes: Beton

Event room

Size: 371 m² (25.6 m x 14.5 m), height: 3.55 m
Capacity: maximum 360 people, Banquet room layout until maximum 300 people


Room No. 1

Space: 145 m²

The Room No. 1 can be connected with the eins0eins and so the space can be increased. Ideal for catering companies to prepare or for meetings as an additional room or for Musicans as a backstage area.



You are welcome to send us your logo and we publish this on the screen opposite the staircase in the entrance area. The foyer impresses with its beautiful, looped concrete staircase. The chairs are colorful and trendy shabby chic style. There is also a touch of art and creativity in the foyer, thanks to the dancers and students of the accompanying dance work. The foyer in the basement also serves as a lounge and break room. It has generous windows and a cozy sitting area to relax optimally. You will also find the sanitary facilities in the back of the UG`s.



Our terrace with terrace 188 m² will be re-landscaped in May 2019 and dipped with environmentally friendly solar lights as soon as it gets dark in a warm, colorful and cozy light. Perfect for balmy summer evenings ....
Enjoy your break of your choice in the sun or in the shade in lounges or on benches during the day and admire the skyline of Zurich in a play of colors when the sun sets slowly and the nightlife begins to pulsate in the urban Zurich West with industrial charm.


Further rooms

There are further 8 rooms of 100 m² - 145 m² on 2 floors available with different equipment.
These rooms are also gladly rented for conferences or workshops on a smaller scale or for small private parties, funerals or club parties and video shoots.


Seating variants

Our large rooms are very flexible. Here is some inspiration of  seating plans. We will happily rearrange the chairs and tables to fit your needs.

Working station

Download PDF

Break Out Seating

Download PDF

Q & A

Can we supplement the technical equipment as needed?
If you miss something or have special requirements, we will do our best to implement it for you or with you.
What about the curfew - noise - safety requirements?
We are happy to inform you competently in a personal conversation with detailed knowledge of your planned event.
Can we come to the event with a car or elephant or have a race on top of the roof?
Unfortunately no, that exceeds our goods lift and the security regulations of the city of Zurich.
May we advertise our event?
Very much, after consultation with us you can also use our logo or we may support you with our possibilities.
Which ramp can you deliver larger items to?
Please label Migros Rampe with eins0eins and contact person and inform us in advance.
Is Parking possible 24/7?
Yes that's it and the parking prices are fair. We want you to come home safely and your car is safe on the park roof.
May we hire different or multiple catering companies?
Of course, we recommend Migros Catering as they are based in the building but you are free to choose.
Can we cook by you?
Unfortunately no, but appliances to keep food warm are allowed and grilling is also a wonderful alternative.
Does it have equipment with the bar equipment?
If you own self-collection, you will find empty drawers + fridge and an ice cube maker and dishwasher, but no bar spoon, blender, shaker, pourer or similar. Coffee machine on request.
Is bar service possible with self-collection?
Yes, after consultation with us about the details.


Here some insights in some of our recent events to inspire you

Our cooking staff doesn't just provide you with food but serves also always with a contagious smile.

Delicious food beautifully arranged sets everybody into a good mood.

Food is not just nutrition. Our catering personnel likes do decorate the buffet in a beautiful way to make it look even more delicious.

Our cooks from Migros Catering have a sweet tooth, too. Try our delicious deserts with a strong coffee or a nice black tea.


Just give us a call or use our contact form – we will gladly answer all your questions and requests and support you with the planning of your event.

Mark Evans

Eins0Eins is an exciting and extremely interesting "place to be"` with lots of energy and a super supporting work ethic between the team. Its energy keeps me motivated to work and support all as best I can. Each day brings new challenges of which I try to accomodate always with a positive approach.

058 568 79 99

Frank Rutishauser

Frank director of Tanzwerk101 is responsible for eins0eins. From first of Feb. 2020  Matthias Kägi will take over as Corporate Event Manager.

058 568 79 99



from clients who would like to come back.

Cemile Yigit

"For years we have been a guest at Tanzwerk101 several times a year with our Stage School Musical Workshops and our Personality Coaching Seminars. We have already discovered many talents here, who now have a professional education as a stage actor at the Stage School Hamburg.It is a great location with different rooms for every need.We are pleased about the uncomplicated and courteous cooperation and know each other in the future in the best hands! "

Cemile Yigit, Stage School Hamburg GmbH

Simone Knoop

We have already successfully organized our ART TALENTS art market in the big dance hall 101 in the big event hall and we are happy to re-rent the location for it and recommend it to others.
What convinces us again and again is the friendly, uncomplicated and reliable team, which clarifies questions quickly and makes everything possible for us so that we can carry out our event carefree.
Of course, the atmosphere and facilities in the large events hall are of great importance to us. The wooden floor, the pleasant ceiling lighting, the incidental daylight and last but not least the fully equipped bar counter with music system provide a perfect ambience on our art markets.

Simone Knoop

Liza Strong

We always had great occasions.
"The served 3-course dinner in the context of the sports award ceremonies of the city of Zurich together with the cooperative Migros Zurich were always a complete success! Around 250 guests were spoiled with a fine dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. The organization was always impeccable by Catering Services and Eventlocation Eins0ins. Flexibility and helpfulness are important. We'll be back soon.

Liza Strong, Project Manager Migros Culture Percentage